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    is a Pennsylvania Business Corporation filed on July 11, 1980 .

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    3, 2016, was the same bunch represented by Bronco Mendenhall, Micah Kiser, Jackson Matteo and Donte Wilkins a night earlier.

    More than a decade ago, Culpeper County desperately needed Spanish teachers.

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    S.) 68.3.1 Wage Reimbursement, Committee on (Shipping Board) 32.3.4 Wage Stabilization Agreement (1942) 236.1 Wage Stabilization Board 174.4.7, 293.2 Wage Stabilization Division (National War Labor Board) 202.3.3, 202.5.1-202.5.12, 202.6.11 Wage Stabilization, Office of 432.3.2 Wager, C. 253.6.4 wages and salaries adjustment case files 174.4.7 Agricultural Economics survey 83.6.3 Army civilian employees 335.11.3 coal miners 68.3.1 bituminous industry 150.2.4, 150.2.5, 222.1 federal relief projects 69.2.1, 69.3 foreign labor costs 178.2.4 fringe benefits 432.3.2 fuel industry agreements 67.3.8 Indian agency survey Korean War stabilization 293 labor standards enforcement 155 maritime, shipyard workers 32.2.4, 32.2.10, 32.4.8, 32.4.10 National Youth Administration programs 119.3.1, 119.4.1 navy yards 181.3.3, 181.3.5 railroads 13.3, 13.4.1, 13.5.2, 13.6, 13.7.2, 13.8, 13.9, 14.3 standards enforcement 155 subsistence homestead projects 96.2.4 women workers 86.3 World War II 202 farm labor 224.2 oil industry 253.2.6 overtime 174.4.1 reconversion 250.3.10, 250.4.3 Wages, Board of (Naval Gun Factory) 1 Wages, Board on (New York Navy Yard) 181.3.5 Waggaman, Virginia 188.8.11 Wagner, A. 142.3.2 Wagner Act (1935) 25.1, 25.5.4, 25.6, 25.6.1 Wagner-Peyser Act (1933) 183.3 Wagner, Robert 25.2 wagon roads Alaska Road Commission maps 126.2 Interior Secretary letters 48.5.3 land grants 49.3.7 wagon units (Army) 391.6.3 wagons ordnance drawings 156.15 Wahiwa, HI, Naval Air Station 1 Wahpeton Indian School Wahpeton Sioux Indians 75.7.2 Wainwright, Jonathan M. 253.5.2 Waldoboro, ME customs collection 36.3.1 vessel documentation files 41.5 Wales U. consular posts 84.3 Walker, Addison 80.3.2 Walker Co. Croix (Danish Virgin Islands) 55.2.1 West Indian Local Archives 55.2.1 West Indian Surveys, Division of 57.3.2 West Indies airport construction 160.3.3 Stimson visit 350.4 World War I businesses 182.8.3 West Indies Division, Central American and (Foreign Economic Administration) 169.10.1 West Louisiana and Arkansas, District of (Confederate Topographical Bureau) 77.2.8 West Mississippi, Division of (Army) 393.2 West Orange, NJ civil disorders (sound recordings) 220.11.1 West Palm Beach, FL passenger arrival records 85.3.1, 85.3.2 vessel crew lists 85.3.3 West Point Army Mess 404.7 West Point Billiard Club 404.7 West Point Branch, Military Service Institute 404.15 "West Point Bulletin" 404.14 West Point, Department of (Army) 404.16 West Point Hotel 404.15 West Point, MS 109.8.4 West Point, NY Army real estate 153.5 West Tennessee and Vicksburg, District of (Army) 393.5 West Tennessee, Army of 393.4, 393.5, 393.8 West Tennessee, District of (Army) 393.4, 393.5, 393.8, 393.9 U. 67.7 West Virginia, Department of (Army) 393.2, 393.4 West Virginia, District of (Army) 393.4, 393.5, 393.8 West Virginia, U. Circuit Court for the Northern District of 21.51.2 West Virginia, U. District Court for the Northern District of 21.51.1 West Virginia, U. 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Don 307.9 Woodward Iron 70.11.3 Woodward, OK, experiment station 152.3 Woodward, OK, Townsite Trustee Board 49.10.2 wool Agricultural Economics correspondence 83.4.11 cooperative marketing (motion picture) 103.9 price controls 188.8.6 Wool Section (Price Administration) 188.8.6 Wool, Special Committee to Investigate Production, Transportation, and Marketing of (Senate) 46.22.2 Wooster, OH, internal revenue collection district 58.5.35 Wooster, OH, land office 49.9.21 Wooten, J. Worcester, MA, internal revenue collection district 58.5.21 Work Clothing Section (Price Administration) 188.8.6 Work Control Section (National Park Service) 79.4.5 Work Division (FERA) 69.3.4 Work, Hubert 48.2, 75.29 Work Incentive (WIN) program 369.3.3 Work Projects Administration SEE ALSO Works Progress Administration airport construction 237.3 Army Engineers projects census projects 29.4.2, 29.5.5 FWA records 162.2.2, 162.2.4 Indian schools naturalization indexes 85.5.13 photographs National Park Service museum displays 79.6.3 naval bases 71.6 VA facilities 15.6.1 Virgin Islands 55.4 small boat construction 26.5.6 Virgin Islands 55.3.2 weather maps 27.5.12 Work Projects Administration, Records of the (RG 69) administrative history 69.1 cartographic records 69.7 Civil Works Administration 69.2 Federal Emergency Relief Administration 69.3 field records 69.6 motion pictures 69.8 records 69.4 sound recordings 69.9 still pictures 69.10 WPA projects 69.5 work stoppages SEE strikes Work with the Foreign Born, Division of (Public Information Committee) 63.2.3 Work with the Needy Blind, Technical Committee on 220.5.1 Workers' Education, Technical Committee on 220.5.1 The Workers' Old Age and Survivors Insurance 47.3.2 Workhouse, Superintendent of the (DC Government) 351.6 working conditions SEE ALSO labor disputes; occupational health and safety black workers 174.4.3 freedmen's contracts 105.5 District of Columbia 51.10.1 health insurance survey 510.2 Hine photographs 69.5.9 Indians (photographs) 75.29 mental hospitals 418.3.3 productivity commissions 2 railroads 13.7.2, 14.3, 133.3.3 welfare benefits sample plans 317.3.4 military personnel 220.7.9, 331.26.3 postal employees 28.2.4 Women's Bureau photographs 86.3 Working for the U.

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    IN THE UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF DELAWARE In re: FRIEDMAN’S INC., a Delaware corporation, Debtor. 08-10161 (CSS) SCHEDULES OF ASSETS AND LIABILITIES Dated: February 28, 2008 Wilmington, Delaware RLF1-3257979-1 Mark D. On January 22, 2008, an involuntary case under chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code was commenced against Friedman’s in this Court.

    These Global Notes and Statement of Limitations, Methodology, and Disclaimer Regarding Debtors’ Schedules and Statements (the “Global Notes”) are incorporated by reference in, and comprise an integral part of each of the Schedules and Statements, and should be referred to and reviewed in connection with any review of the Schedules and Statements. Description of the Cases and “As Of’“ Information Date.

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